First Job Class

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Explanation about Novice here

First Job Class

Explanation about First Job of ragnarok game here

  • First Job Skill on Ragnarok
    • Swordman
    • Magician
    • Thief
    • Acolyte
    • Archer
    • Merchant


Is a Job that use weapons such as swords and spears like a soldier. Compared to other jobs, Swordman has the highhest Strength. Player who choose this job can use many types of melee weapons, such as two-handed swords, shields and armor. The advanced job of swordman is Knight.


Is a job that masters withcraft to bring down enemies. This job is the weakest character, but Magician has the highest Intelligence which allows them to cast various types of offensive magic. This job can only use magic wands and knives as weapons. All of their magic abilities mostly have special elements. Thier next job is Wizard.


Thief is a job that relies on speed to attack and avoid. The weapon that is often used is a knife. Thief is not the strongest job, but its speed is capable of the double attacking, poisoning enemies and hiding asides. Thief is the only job that can cure poison with Detoxify.


The ability of this job is to be able to heal and protect itself and other characters. Acolyte uses many types of staff and spell books as weapons. Its main task is to protect and heal. Priest is the continuation jobs of this Acolyte.


Is a job that has spesial expertise in archery. Player like Archer prioritize distance in terms of combat. This job uses a bow and arrow as weapons, but can also use a knife. The next job is Hunter.


It is a special job that prioritizes trading over fighting. Merchant is not good at fighting but can rent carts from kafra to trade and has the largest capacity to store items. The next job is Blacksmith.